Weblogic Portal Interview Questions III

Answers to follow:..
1. What is the difference between JSR 168 and JSR 286 specs?
2. What is managed bean?
3. What is the difference between managed bean and backing bean?
4. If you have two same portlet instances in a single page, what are the things you need to consider in using java script?
5. How did you handle security in WSRP?
6. What are the performance issues you had in WSRP?


  1. Hello Ananth,

    Let me introduce myself first. I am Mr. M. I worked on wlp 6 & 7 for about 2 & half years and on 8.1 basics. After spending 6+ years on non-portal technologies, I thought of going back to wlp again. Got a chance to attend an interview on WLP. In the same preparation, I am lucky enough to get your blog and going thru most of the wlp links from 2009 on your blog since 2 hours. It was pretty useful to brush up the skills that I forgot. Thanks for such a nice explanations.

    Can I request you one more thing? can you do me a favor by providing answers to the above set of questions as well. Because getting answers on wlp is really difficult and that too with a detailed explanation like this.

    Hope you understand the situation and help me in this issue.

    Mr. M

  2. Hi,
    I would like to know how Remote EJBs work in Weblogic 8.1

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