Set up custom user registry in Websphere 6.1 Application Server

Websphere doesn't provide out of box feature of data base authentication. This is really annoying if you want your web/ear applications deployed in WAS to be authenticated against the relational databases such as oracle, sybase, etc. Interestingly weblogic provides very good feature of configuring SQL authentication provider with Relational Database. It uses data source to configure. I have myself configured & authenticated successfully with Oracle in Weblogic. More info on that in feature.

But Websphere you need to write custom code for SQL authentication. You cannot use other WebSphere Application Server components, for example, data sources, to initialize the custom registry because other components, like the containers, are initialized after security and are not available during the registry initialization. A custom registry implementation is a pure custom implementation, independent of other WebSphere Application Server components. confusing? thats the way it is.

So I have custom code which authenticates with Oracle. This works OK. Obviously I also need to create the database schema for storing user/group/role information.

I wont be able to publish the code on the internet. But I can share with anyone if they are interested.

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  1. Did you have a look at the Federated User Registry option of WebSphere? With 6.1 there is the possibility to use a DB with WebSphere OOTB. It does have its own schema but it is there

  2. Stefan,

    That would be wonderful. Could you please provide the links you might have?


  3. Hi,

    I am very interested in finding out how to authenticate with Oracle. I am migrating my application from Weblogic and it is very annoying that websphere does not have SQLAuthenticator out of the box. Can you please share your experince on setting it up?

  4. Hello pretender,
    As mentioned in the above post, we had to write custom code. We can not use jdbc data source for opening db connection(reason check above), we had to use jdbc APIs.

    Wondering what kind of info you are looking for?

  5. Hi Ananth Could you please share the the Custom UserRegistry file? I implemented all menthods and the admin console validated the Registry.

    Doesnt really work when trying to login using form.. I think it is not even called..

    checkPassword(String userSecurityName, String passwd)

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  6. I know this is kind of old, but I need exactly this.
    Do you have the code for this?

    I would appreciate if you could send this to me.

    My e-mail is mbentanc [at] yahoo [dot] com