Weblogic Portal Interview Questions - Latest

As the economy getting better day by day so is the job market. I am getting  number of requests from fellow readers and job seekers to put more interview questions in weblogic portal. Let's get into business straightaway. Some are simple, some are tricky and few are, you got it!

1. How do you integrate existing legacy applications, non-portal web applications into portal?
2. How can you show/hide portlets in your applications at run time?
3. What are the different ways to implement SSO in Weblogic portal?
4. What are the different ways to create portlet preferences in weblogic portal?
5. Have you used any iframe portlets?
6. What are the limitations of IFrame portlets from portal perspective?
7. Have you used AJAX in your portal ? What are the limitations?
8. Have you used WSRP? What are the limitations of WSRP?
9. How session handling is done in WSRP between consumer and producer? what are the different ways?
10. Have use used domain templates? How do you create them? What are the advantages of domain templates?
11. Different strategies of content propagation in weblogic portal?
12. How do you offer books, pages and portlets as remote in weblogic portal 10.3?
13. How do you do IPC (inter-portlet communication) between producer and consumer?
14. How do you expose Weblogic portlets as a URL?
15. How to show different look-and-feel for different users?
16. How to create custom layouts in weblogic portal?

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  1. Great Post! I'd like to speak to you about a business opportunity!! My email is mpatel@designstrategy.com.

  2. Hi,

    Can you please elaborate on how to control user's view to portlets in a portal.

    Say for example, we have two users/roles and 4 portlets in a portal. I want to view two portlets in one and two in other.

  3. Hi,

    Can you please elaborate on how to control user's view to portlets in a portal.

    Say for example, we have two users/roles and 4 portlets in a portal. I want to view two portlets in one and two in other.

  4. HI,

    Can you please elaborate the the difference between streaming portal and file-based portal?


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